business gift

/'bɪznɪs gɪft/ noun
a present received by a customer, either attached to a product bought or given to him by the retailer or producer on proof of purchase of a minimum quantity of goods

Marketing dictionary in english. 2015.

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  • business gift — ➔ gift * * * business gift UK US noun [C] ► MARKETING something that is given by a business to clients or customers without charge: »The giving of business gifts should not be tied to the placing of orders …   Financial and business terms

  • business gift — Mktg a present, usually from a supplier to a customer, often used to maintain good relations. Business gifts may range from a pen to a hamper and are often a form of merchandising. The acceptance of a business gift is often governed by an… …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • gift — [gɪft] noun [countable] 1. something given to someone on a special occasion or to thank them; = PRESENT: • Sales of Christmas gifts are expected to grow about 20%. gift adjective [only before a noun] : • She has several years of experience …   Financial and business terms

  • gift certificate — ˈgift cerˌtificate noun [countable] a piece of paper worth a particular amount of money which can be exchanged for goods in a shop; = gift token Bre; , gift Ame: • The promotion gives customers gift certificates valued at $25 on purchases over… …   Financial and business terms

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  • gift pack — ➔ pack1 * * * gift pack UK US noun [C] MARKETING ► a package of goods made to look attractive and designed to be given as a gift: »The gift pack is presented in an attractive box containing two bottles of wine …   Financial and business terms

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